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Written by Brant Campbell   
May 25, 2011 at 06:55 AM

Updated 4/2/2013

3/30/13 Thunder Valley Raceway Park 

Small Tire Shootout


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The Texas Boys Bring Home the $$$$$$!

Updated 12/21/12 (The End of The World)

Finally in the 200's!

at SCSN8 in Las Vegas NV!

Racing Super Chevy Show/PSCA
at Bandimere Speedway in
Denver Colorado:

New Parts!

Thanks to Joe at

Hyperaktive Performance Solutions!!!

2011 PSCA XDR/TT5 Champion



Brant Campbell Racing Clenches the 2011 PSCA XDR/TT5 Championship at the World Finals in
Fontana California!
With the points accumulated by entering and passing tech, and making qualifying passes, we have clenched the 2011 PSCA XDR/TT5 Championship!  It was another weekend of struggles for the team, as we had transmission trouble, but we were still able to get the points to win the Title.  Now we have a raging week of getting the car ready for the Street Car Super National's in Las Vegas November 17-21st!  We have the opportunity to bring the weight down to 3250 and are very excited to see what the car will do at this weight.  We will keep you updated on all of the upgrades and changes to the race car as we get ready to head out!

A Big Special Thanks to Jamey and Jami McClellan for making the trip with us and helping us out!  It's really hard to keep team mates that can make an across country trip once a month, and I couldn't do it without them!  Thanks guys!



Tough weekend at the West Coast Shootout in
Las Vegas NV!!!  Still winning the Points!

west coast shootout
During the first run in TNT we were trying a new converter... To say the least it was WAY LOOSE and we blew straight threw it the whole pass, took out a head gasket and torched the hell out of a cylinder head. It still went 7.78@184 on that pass letting out...

We're ahead in points, so I couldn't let anyone catch up. Plus we drive 1000 miles to race, so we couldn't call it quits. I got hooked up with Marc with "Cylinder Head Specialties" and he welded the head and surfaced it for me on Saturday. While we were waiting on the head we swapped back to the old converter. We didn't get the head back until 3pm and last round of qualifying was at 5pm, so we didn't get it back together in time to get a qualifying time, so they stuck us on the bottom of the ladder.

We raced Jeff Longden first round and got the win with a over his 8.0x@173. The car ran just like normal and seemed sound.

We raced Chris Groves in the second round and we were dead even to the 1/8th mile but he top end pulled me. It was a close close race but I lost with a to his Chris actually set the MPH record this weekend backing it up with a 202.85 in the finals for the win!

Thanks to my family Stephanie and Katy, and Nathan and Chris Munson for all the help! What a team!

#2nd Round Finish at the Lucas Oil Slick Mist
Drags in Fontana CA.  High MPH for the Event

We're still battling keeping the car from spinning.  After a great first round pass, the car blew the tires off in the 2nd round at the hit.  That's racing!

#1 Qualifier, Top MPH, and Low ET at the PSCA 
Showdown after Sundown in Las Vegas NV! 


Winner and and Top Speed at the PSCA Summer Nationals in Fontana CA!  New XDR Points Leader!


After three botched test and tune passes, and some very rolled back qualifying passes, Power and Control were the keys to pulling out the win at the PSCA Summer Nationals in Fontana California!  We were pouring on the coals late every pass and running down the competition.  At 3565lbs race weight, it's hard to get outta the hole, especially when the track temp is 145-150 degrees! 

winners circle

We qualified in the #3 position with an 8.29 @ 187.x.  Sandi Wold was #1 qualifier in her turbo mustang with a 7.79 @ 187.x.  During the first round of eliminations we decided to turn up the top end boost.  The track was greasy and we were certain we couldn't run our best number.  It shook the tires about 100' out and after a quick blip of the throttle it hooked back up.  We ran a 7.85 @ 191, which is our best MPH to date, and was good enough for High MPH for the event. 

In the final round we were up against Sandi Wold, who was the #1 qualifier.  She had a good launch and was actually ahead of me by .5 second at the 330.  We spun in the 60' but rolled back into it and ended up passing Sandi in the top end, as she lit the tires up at about mid track.  We got the win with an 8.58 @ 189 to Sandi's 8.7x @ 177.  It was a pedalfest for sure!

Thanks to Mel Roth with the PSCA, and the other racers in the PSCA for making every race a super enjoyable experience!  I've made a lot of friends out on the west coast and I'll just keep coming back for more!

See ya in VEGAS!!!!

Precision Turbo and Engine's
"Boosted Ride of the Month" for the month of July!


Precision Turbo

Read the full article here:

Winner and #1 Qualifier at the R.O.D.S. Extreme 10.5 Race in Albuquerque NM!

Winner and #1 Qualifier at the Real Outlaw Door Slammers (RODS)
Extreme 10.5 Race in Albuquerque New Mexico!!!


Thanks to Albuquerque Dragway for putting on a great race!

Top Speed and Low ET at the PSCA California Nationals!



After a very stressful week of issues with the car, very late nights and a lot of busted knuckles, we made the long haul from Amarillo TX to Fontana Ca.  During Test and Tune on Friday we set the pace with a 7.66 @ 189.44 mph.

Qualifying was a little different story.  During the first qualifier the car smoked the tires about 100ft out.  I pedaled the car back and went 8.19 @ 185x.  After completing the burnout for the second qualifier, I was pushed off the track due to a pouring front transmission seal.  We rushed back to the pits, pulled the tranny and replaced the seal, but we were just minutes short of making the third round.  The 8.19 @ 185 set us up in the #5 position.  Definitely not where we thought we would be.

First round of Eliminations we had a by run because our competitor Steve De Young (in his badass turbocharged 4th gen Camaro) had hurt his car during qualifying.  The track was good that pass and we set the top mph and low et record for the event with a 7.61 @ 188.99mph.  In the 2nd round of Eliminations (which was the semifinals) I was up against Bill Dunaway, in his 1970 Chevy Nova, who had qualfied with a 7.82.  We left the setup in the car the same.  I launched with a good reaction time of .025 to Bill's .394, but my car spun the tires right at the hit.  I pedaled it back but it started spinning again a little further out.  I just couldn't catch Bill at that point.  I've probably said about a million "coulda shoulda woulda's" since the race, but nonetheless we had a great weekend, and will be back in Fontana in July.

Bill Dunaway raced Levi Hanna in his newly built 70 Camaro, and Levi came out with the win.  Congrats to Levi for getting the win!!

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Runner up in PSCA XDR/TT5 "Racin 4 Jason Nationals"
Written by Brant Campbell   
Apr 26, 2011 at 09:54 PM


Written By Precision Turbo & Engine


Extreme Drag Radial

Hailing from Amarillo, TX, Brant Campbell and his Precision turbo powered '73 Camaro called dibs on the top qualifier spot after they stopped the clocks at 7.910 and 188.41 MPH. Campbell also had the honors of setting the class Low ET with that run.

In the first round of eliminations, Campbell had a bye run but still pushed hard enough to go 7.676 at 189.15 MPH. In the semi-finals, a 7.882 at 188.99 MPH run was enough to trigger the win lights. A close match in the finals, Campbell unfortunately couldn't hold off his challenger and took the runner-up spot.

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